Pattern Sandbox

It is hard to easily prototype and test regular expressions in Java.
Pattern Sandbox is a small utility for testing
and practicing regular expressions using the java.util.regex package.
I patterned this application after ActiveState's Filter Builder.
I never actually used Filter Builder, but I had a screenshot to work from.

For regular expression help, visit:

Future plans:
    1) More efficient, possibly per line, highlighting algorithm.
    2) Matched scrolling between input and output text.
        This means that the input pane and output pane will always match the other's scrolling.
    3) Java regular expression language documentation/cheatsheet (without copyright violation of Sun's documentation).
    4) Ability to save and load sessions using files.
    5) Turning off line-wrapping.  This sounds easy, but it is very hard to do using JEditorPane.


Pattern Sandbox is distributed under the MIT License.

Windows executable, a cross platform jar, and source code can be found here.

System Requirements:
    Java 1.4.2 or newer (get it here)


In this screenshot you can see the basic features of Pattern Sandbox.
Screenshot of Pattern Sandbox in action


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Windows executable created with JSmooth.